Castle Tafuri

The history of the castle Tafuri begins in 1933, when the Marquis Bruno di Belmonte, fascinated by the landscape of the territory, wanted to build a majestic building, which was up to the natural wonders of the territory.
The work, designed by the architect Crotti of Florence, in Liberty style, was built with the stone quarry of the Isola delle Correnti and was completed in 1935.
The castle, which stands right next to what was the tonnara of Portopalo,
it was never inhabited by the Belmonte family, as this house had been designed as a summer residence.

In the 60s the Bruno family of Belmonte passed the ownership of the castle to Gaetano Tafuri from Pachino. It then became a venue for dance evenings until the mid-1990s when it was transformed into a prestigious hotel by an entrepreneur from Syracuse.

In the following years it was unfortunately abandoned without any use.
The redevelopment project started in 2015, has given new splendor to this magnificent work. Today it is a luxury resort on the sea!

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